Purchasing Gold And Silver In Downey, California

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Downey has a sprawling history with gold. The area was once home to several gold mines in the 1800s, including the Stonewall Mine, which produced over $1 million in gold during its operation.

This history with gold can also be seen in its landmarks, such as the Downey Museum of Art, which features exhibits on the area’s mining history, and the Stay Gold Mural.

Despite the decline of gold mining in the area, Downey remains a vibrant city with a thriving economy and diverse community. You can feel it in the city’s tax on precious metals, applying a 7.5% min tax for all purchases below $1,500.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Downey, CA

With all of these precious metal dealers in the city, you need to be able to find out which of them is reputable. You are recommended to check out the list below and learn about these fantastic dealers in the city.

1. Southern California Coin & Stamps

Southern California Coin & Stamps is an exceptional coin exchange. The owners are highly knowledgeable in coins, precious metals, and stamps. They offer competitive pricing, and customers highly recommend buying from their inventory. In addition, the store offers free valuations for coins, jewelry, stamps, and artwork. Customers have had valuations done and appreciate the accuracy and trustworthiness of the staff.

The owner, Mark, always goes above and beyond to examine every single coin thoroughly and provides extensive knowledge behind each piece. The customers are also pleased with the friendly atmosphere of the store, feeling like they were in an old-fashioned barber shop. Everyone who enters the shop usually leaves feeling satisfied with the fair price they received on their coins. Many of them promise to come back and frequent the shop as well.

Phone Number: (562) 927-4014
Address: 7635 E. Firestone Blvd, Downey, Ca 90241
Website: http://www.socalcoin.com/

2. Glenn’s Coin Shop

Glenn’s Coin Shop is a reputable store with an excellent selection of interesting items for coin collectors. The owner, Glenn, is well respected in the coin-collecting community and has guided customers in their hobby for many years. Glenn’s industry knowledge is invaluable to those seeking to expand their collection, as he understands the many factors determining a coin’s worth.

His expertise and guidance have helped numerous collectors grow their collections and profit from valuable coins. The business is known for its honesty and efficiency. While the Shop may be difficult to locate, it is well worth the effort for coin enthusiasts. Overall, Glenn’s Coin Shop is a solid choice for anyone seeking to invest in a coin collection or get guidance.

Phone Number: (562) 869-2447
Address: 9102 Firestone Blvd. Ste A, Downey CA, 90241
Website: N/A

3. KAY Jewelers

KAY Jewelers started as a single store in 1916 and has grown into over 1,100 locations nationwide. They offer a wide selection of fine jewelry at competitive prices, focusing on providing exceptional in-store and online shopping experiences. Their knowledgeable jewelry consultants are equipped to assist customers with a range of needs, from rings to watches and precious metals.

Many staff members have been praised by customers for their friendly demeanor and ability to assist with all types of jewelry needs. They are able to help the customer find a piece within their budget and even secure an additional discount if the need arises. Overall, they strive to provide a high level of customer service and a diverse selection of quality jewelry products.

Phone Number: (562) 862-6147
Address: 411 Stonewood St Space C5 Downey, CA
Website: https://stores.kay.com/ca/downey/2130/

4. Zales

Zales Jewelers has been providing excellent quality jewelry at exceptional pricing since 1924. With over 437 jewelry stores across the country, they offer a wide variety of diamond and precious metals in the form of jewelry, both in classic and designer styles. The chain retailer is known for its exceptional customer service, with all of its employees providing great service during customer consultations and visits.

Furthermore, customers can look into the free rewards program and find exactly what they were looking for. The overall shopping experience of the store is smooth, and the customers adore this aspect of the shop.

Phone Number: (562) 862-3401
Address: 305 Stonewood St., Ste. B049, Downey, CA 90241-3908
Website: https://stores.zales.com/ca/downey/1721/