Purchasing Gold And Silver In Santa Barbara, California

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Santa Barbara is a picturesque coastal city in California known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant cultural scene. The city’s rich history dates back to the 16th century and is a popular tourist destination. Santa Barbara also has a rich history when it comes to gold.

In the late 1800s, gold was discovered in the nearby hills, leading to a gold rush that brought many prospectors to the area. Currently, city citizens have to pay a 7.5% tax on their precious metal purposes. This is the minimum, as these taxes can increase based on localities.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Santa Barbara, CA

Precious metal investments can be overwhelming for newer investors who usually rely on capable dealers to help them. The following dealers offer great services and are extremely helpful, so visit them and learn about them.

1. Santa Barbara Precious Metals

Santa Barbara Precious Metals is a locally owned and operated business that buys gold and precious metals in all forms. Established in 2007, the business has over 20 years of experience in the commodities market dealing with precious metals. Customers can expect a fair price for their scrap jewelry and coins without needing to haggle.

The owner is known for being trustworthy and providing an excellent rate. His employees are professional and friendly from start to finish, making the transaction process very easy with cash payments available. Customers appreciate the kind and patient service provided by the staff. The business makes reasonable offers and shows great patience and expertise. Santa Barbara Precious Metals is a reliable option for those looking to sell their gold, silver, and platinum in the area.

Phone Number: (805) 453-4920
Address: 1727 State St #1, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Website: https://sbpreciousmetals.com/

2. Gillio Coins

Gillio Coins is a precious metals dealer serving Santa Barbara County since 1971. It is family owned and operated and one of Santa Barbara’s oldest rare coin and precious metals buyers and sellers. They specialize in gold, silver, and platinum bullion and can offer competitive pricing due to years of wholesaler relationships. This company is one of the US’s largest buyers and sellers of rare coins.

They supply various coin dealers, investment advisors, financial planners, and reputable banks. The company’s founder is a member of prestigious professional numismatic organizations, such as The International Association of Professional Numismatists ( IAPN ) Gillio Coins stocks various products, including numismatic coins, collectors coins, gold& silver, and much more. They offer written appraisals on jewelry and coins.

Phone Number: (805) 637-5081
Address: Bella Rosa Jewelers, 103 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Website: https://gillio.com/

3. State Street Jewelry & Loan

State Street Jewelry & Loan offers a variety of pre-owned and estate jewelry, including designer names, at discounted prices. They also purchase old gold and silver jewelry and offer cash loans on items of value. The store also has a selection of pre-owned high-end watches. Customers can pawn items such as watches, jewelry, and bullion and retrieve them once they have paid off their loan with interest.

The store evaluates each application for cash loans individually and determines the offer based on the item’s value. The final offer is based on the in-house evaluation of the item’s condition, value, and real-time pricing. The business takes pride in extending the lifecycle of items and aims to satisfy customers by getting them the money they need.

Phone Number: (805) 455-7099
Address: 3122 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Website: https://statestreetloan.com/

4. Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry

This business has provided cash loans and purchases since July 1993. They have a team of best employees who are committed to serving their community. The shop is a Loan & Jewelry collateral lender with a 90% redemption rate. The shop is empathetic to cash flow problems and provides loans to help customers recover.

The company sells items to dealers and walk-in customers, with many items listed on their online store and auction site on eBay. They offer a money-back guarantee on everything they sell, giving customers confidence in their purchases. Customers can enjoy great deals and prices on items with the assistance of the staff. Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry aims to make every visit easy for customers, building their confidence in the shop.

Phone Number: (805) 966-6264
Address: 136 East Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Website: https://santabarbaraloan.com/