Purchasing Gold And Silver In Victorville, California

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Victorville is located in the Mojave Desert of San Bernardino County, California. The city was founded in 1858 during the California Gold Rush.

In the early 1900s, the town experienced a second boom with the discovery of the Atolia Mining District, which produced over a million ounces of gold and many other precious metals.

Today, Victorville remains a popular destination for those interested in exploring the history of gold mining.

Additionally, the effects of the rush culminated in a 7.5% state-wide tax on all precious metal purchases, which all dealers in the city enforce.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Victorville, CA

A great reputation, quality services, and a huge array of experience are needed by a company for it to be worth your business. I have listed some dealers with all of these qualities and deserve some of your attention and business.

1. Las Vegas Pawn

Las Vegas Pawn is a pawnshop that offers instant cash loans and high-quality merchandise at bargain prices. Customers can pawn various items, including diamond jewelry, gold & silver in all forms. Loans typically range from $10 to $200, but the shop will lend thousands of dollars if the item has a higher value. The store has nearly 20 years of experience and prides itself on providing fast and easy pawn transactions.

The shop offers on-the-spot appraisals and always pays cash. They also pay the highest amount possible for pawned items and offer attractive resale prices on items for sale. Las Vegas Pawn is the go-to pawnshop for customers shopping around for the best prices on gold, diamonds and jewelry, as well as those needing quick loans to get by.

Phone Number: (760) 955-5555
Address: 15136 7th St, Victorville, CA 92395
Website: https://lasvegaspawn.net/

2. 7th Street Pawn Shop

7th Street Pawn Shop has served Victorville and nearby communities for over 30 years. They deal with various items, including jewelry, firearms, and anything valuable. Customers can buy or sell items or use their valuable possessions as collateral for a loan. One of the advantages of shopping here is that they offer jewelry at a significant discount compared to retail stores, without the markup charged by most jewelers.

Many jewelry stores even buy their stock from them. When people need access to cash and banks are unwilling to lend, 7th Street Pawn Shop is there to help. The store is well-established within its community and has a large customer base that has praised its efficiency and friendliness.

Phone Number: (760) 241-3326
Address: 15160 Seventh St, Victorville, CA 92395
Website: https://www.7thstreetpawnshop.com/

3. Taris Jewelry & Watch Repairs

Taris Jewelry & Watch Repairs is a family-owned business that offers quality repairs for your precious jewelry and watches. Their certified jeweler has over 28 years of experience and is knowledgeable and skilled. The store also offers a wide range of high-quality jewelry, for which they provide payment plans to make it more convenient for customers to purchase.

They also carry a large selection of gold and silver jewelry in-store, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, they can custom-make it for you. Taris Jewelry & Watch Repairs also offer nationwide shipping for your convenience, so you can carry out orders even if you are not in the city.

Phone Number: (760) 243-6077
Address: 12351 Mariposa Rd, Suite B, Victorville, CA 92395 (Located Inside Vallarta Supermarket)
Website: https://www.tarIsJewelry.com

4. Daniel’s Jewelers

At Daniel’s Jewelers in Victorville, customers are treated like family, with a focus on providing an enjoyable jewelry purchase experience. They offer financing options, easy credit approval, and opportunities for customers to protect and upgrade their jewelry. For those needing jewelry repairs or ring resizing, the store is a reliable option. The store has deep roots in the jewelry industry, making them a trusted source for all jewelry-related needs.

Their customer service ensures that customers’ needs are always met with expertise. The store buys anything made primarily of gold, in any form, including jewelry, personal accessories, damaged or undamaged items, and those marked or unmarked. The price paid is based on the market price at the time of delivery and receipt by the store’s facility.

Phone Number: (760) 241-0606
Address: 14400 Bear Valley Rd #541, Mall Of Victor Valley, Victorville, CA 92392
Website: https://www.danielsjewelers.com/stores/victorville-victorville/