Purchasing Gold And Silver In Arlington, Texas

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Over the years, the city of Arlington has developed into a vibrant community with various areas reflecting its gold market.

The city does not have any major interactions when it comes to gold and silver in history. However, there have been small-scale mining operations in the city that has had some degree of growth.

The AT&T Stadium, the University of Texas, and River Legacy Park are all must-visit when coming to the city.

Alternatively, you can get some tax-free bullion from the various precious metal dealers you can find throughout the city.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Arlington, TX

Arlington is no stranger to a variety of precious metal firms. The things which separate a good from a bad one include their respect towards the customer and their level of service. Both these aspects will be discussed about the dealers mentioned below.

1. Michael Scott Gold & Silver

While not as old as some competitors, you should give Michael Scott Gold & Silver a chance, as they offer a secure and intelligent approach to purchasing or selling precious metals. Established in 2011, this business has been serving the people of Arlington for well over a decade, which is still a good amount of time to gain experience. They prioritize customer convenience by offering free quotes for most items.

Moreover, they guarantee 100% confidentiality in every transaction they carry out, so you can be sure that they will not disclose any personal information to a third party. When buying and selling gold and other precious metals, they aim to provide a safe and convenient process while offering competitive payouts. This is also met with a wide selection of gold coins and bars. This trusted establishment should be a store you definitely should visit.

Phone Number: (817) 617-3011
Address: 1521 N. Cooper St, Suite 215, Arlington, TX 76011
Website: https://www.michaelscottgoldandsilver.com/

2. Arlington Gold & Silver & Diamond Exchange

In many cases, you will not be disappointed if you go ahead and visit a family-owned establishment due to their care and quality towards the customer. This is the case when you visit Arlington Gold & Silver & Diamond Exchange, a trusted destination for selling and exchanging all kinds of precious metals. Established in 1980, the store boasts a rich history of 40 years as a family-owned and operated business.

Their goal has always been to share their passion for the industry and do so by providing quality gold and silver. They have amassed a stellar reputation over the years and have built a strong offering of products, all available at competitive prices. These very items have earned recognition from various jewelry distributors and chains. This, combined with the store’s GIA-certified diamond specialists and experts, means you can trust the people here with all your hard-earned investment.

Phone Number: (817) 261-0730
Address: 2424 W Pioneer, Suite F, Pantego, TX 76013
Website: https://www.arlingtongoldandsilver.com/

3. Silver Fox Coins

Coin collections are another important area that many precious metal dealers need to be excelling at. As you would think from the name, this is the specialization of Silver Fox Coins. That being said, you would be wrong to think that coins are the only product they deal in. Being a trusted gold dealer, you can buy and sell all manner of bullion from them, ranging from gold jewelry to silver flatware.

The testing process for your products is conducted transparently. The people here allow you to witness it firsthand, so you know that you are not being scammed. Even after the test, you are under no obligation to sell, and there are no charges if you decide to do so. If you are an avid coin collector, then you might want to especially visit this store as they are always interested in purchasing new coins. For this, they even offer private appointments, making it a great place to sell or even improve your collection.

Phone Number: (682) 320-3819
Address: 1521 N. Cooper Street, Suite 216, Arlington, TX 76011
Website: http://www.silverfoxcoins.net/

4. Arlington Coins

Unlike the previous precious metal dealer, Arlington Coins is exclusively known for specializing in coins and does not deal in other kind of bullion. That being said, they do accept a large variety of coins made of various different metals. These include your typical metals such as gold and silver and include palladium and platinum as well. Offering a wide range of both US and foreign coins, coin enthusiasts are sure to love the variety of the store.

This establishment has been serving the community since 1990 and has grown to become a trusted source for all sorts of numismatics. As a customer, you can explore a diverse selection of coins and currency and also get your own personal collection checked out. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, the people here are dedicated to giving you the payouts that you deserve. Regardless of whether you are looking to add to your collection or sell it entirely, you will be given a pleasant and memorable experience.

Phone Number: (817) 274-5971
Address: 2230 W Park Row Dr Ste. C, Pantego, TX 76013
Website: http://www.arlingtoncoins.com/

5. Valley Goldmine

If you have ever gone to a well-known precious metal dealer, chances are that you have been stuck in a large queue, or there is just a general rush. Valley Goldmine circumvents this issue by having its customers book an appointment before coming. Since they only serve via appointments, you are required to do so; otherwise, you will not be served. This is done to ensure a speedy transaction which is something you will definitely see as they are very fast and efficient in their work.

This is also the reason why the store has been able to establish itself as a trusted gold buyer. They are well known for offering top dollar for all types of gold and precious metals. Since its establishment in 2008, they have gone ahead and spread to various cities in Texas and has 12 branches throughout the state. With their excellent service and competitive prices, they are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry.

Phone Number: (817) 888-4756
Address: 3901 Arlington Highlands Blvd., Suite 200, Arlington, TX 76018
Website: https://dallasvalleygoldmine.com/locations/sell-gold-arlington-texas-gold-buyers/

6. Hoang Son Jewelry

Not every precious metal dealer has to be a giant company or a well-established brand to provide you with the quality you deserve. Sometimes, you can find just as good, if not better, service when you visit a smaller store. This is exactly what you can expect from Hoang Son Jewelry. This family-owned store was established in 2003 and came from humble beginnings. After 20 years of development and quality service, they have transformed into a storefront that will take care of all your precious metal needs.

The business specializes in mostly diamond-related products but will also cater to you if you bring in some quality bullion. The owner of the store is a certified GIA gemologist, so you can be sure that the people here have a great deal of knowledge of their craft. Overall, the store offers a friendly and personal touch to precious metal transactions that you cannot get elsewhere, which is why I recommend the store.

Phone Number: (817) 801-4481
Address: 2525 E Arkansas Ln, Ste 217, Arlington, TX 76010
Website: N/A