Purchasing Gold And Silver In Dallas, Texas

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As a city with a vibrant economy, Dallas has attracted many individuals and companies interested in the gold market.

This is mostly due to its strategic location and diverse population, all of which have contributed to a thriving gold industry.

Further establishment of landmarks such as The Dallas Zoo and The Reunion Tower are key tourist attractions that send many customers to local precious metal dealers.

These dealers abide by the state law of Texas and will not charge you any form of tax on your purchases or transactions.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Dallas, TX

The perfect precious metal dealer will do its best to provide quality bullion as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The following precious metal firms are known for their commitment to their customers and their expertise in the industry.

1. Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange

One of the state’s most famous and well-known bullion firms is the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange. This firm will likely be the most recommended precious metal dealer you will hear about. The store was established in 1978 and has grown to become the go-to place for people looking to buy and sell precious metals. Everything they have in stock is guaranteed to be legitimate.

This has earned them the loyalty of many of their customers. They are committed to supporting their community and providing the best customer satisfaction possible. This is reflected in their payouts as well as the prices that they put on. They cater to all sorts of customers and are willing to purchase all manner of gold and silver, making them the best place to go if you have anything to sell. Due to their amazing reputation, I recommend this store completely.

Phone Number: (972) 484-3662
Address: 13022 Preston Rd. Dallas, TX 75240
Website: https://dgse.com/

2. DFW Gold Buyer

Having over 30 years of experience, DFW Gold Buyer has become an established brand that boasts an impressive A+ rating given to them by the Better Business Bureau. Over these years, the store has been able to create a loyal customer base and form a long-standing relationship with various trusted banks. All of this has further solidified their reputation in the community as a solid gold-buying company and firm.

For those looking to sell their precious metals, this store offers reliable payouts in the form of cash. They specialize in purchasing gold and other precious metals and know exactly how to appraise your products. Their experience in this has left countless satisfied customers, many of whom attest to the exceptional service that they received. If, for some reason, you cannot visit them or do not want to continue with a deal, the company will happily reimburse you for any and all costs.

Phone Number: (214) 460-5822
Address: 12900 Preston Road, LBJ Suite 715, Dallas, TX 75230
Website: https://dfwgoldbuyer.com/

3. DFW Gold & Silver Exchange

DFW Gold & Silver Exchange is an independent fine jewelry company. The brand consists of two family-owned stores that have existed together as far back as 2006. Since their establishment, they have been offering a wide selection of bullion that may just catch your eye. They have an expert team of individuals which includes a Master Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist.

This enables them to carry out accurate and great appraisals. The company’s focus is on providing value to each customer. They aim to do so by offering personalized attention. With this in mind, they aim to ensure that the jewelry selection is to the liking of the customer. While you can easily get some good quality bullion from the store, you can also sell your gold and silver to them as well can expect a good amount of cash in return. Additional services include a generous layaway program and various financing options.

Phone Number: (972) 488-4653
Address: 11360 Emerald Street, Dallas, TX 75229
Website: http://www.dallastexasjewelry.com/index.html

4. Dallas Valley Goldmine

Many gold-related companies will try to blindside you or do things behind your back. This is not the case when it comes to Dallas Valley Goldmine, which provides a transparent approach to precious metal transactions. They aim for high customer satisfaction when it comes to selling your gold. They aim to do so using licensed and certified experts who know the ins and outs of appraising gold. The store also ensures that the evaluation process is transparent.

To this end, they will explain the entire process to the customer and how they ended up with the price. When it comes to the customer, their aim is to offer the best price possible. This is done while keeping the customer’s best interest. That being said, if they believe that you can get a higher price somewhere elsewhere, they will advise you to go there. This shows a great level of respect towards the customer, which is why the company deserves to be talked about.

Phone Number: (972) 523-5442
Address: 8117 Preston Rd, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75225
Website: https://dallasvalleygoldmine.com/

5. Diamond & Gold Exchange

Sometimes you do not get the expected payout that you thought you would. At Diamond & Gold Exchange, you can easily maximize your returns for all of your precious metal bullion and diamonds. This store is a premier buyer of gold and silver and gemstones such as diamonds. They have over 45 years of industry expertise which they use to offer professional service to their customers. This enables them to put out the highest cash offers in the area and do so with immediate payment.

The store deals with its customers directly and does not bring in any middlemen. This helps you, the customer, save a lot more money. Among the employees you will find here are dedicated teams of certified gemologists and appraisers that give you competitive prices for your jewelry and products. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free and secure transaction, visit Diamond & Gold Exchange now.

Phone Number: (972) 233-1800
Address: 7995 LBJ FRWY. Suite #114, Dallas, TX 75251
Website: https://www.diamondgoldexchange.com/

6. Mustang Gold & Silver Exchange

A company that believes in honesty and integrity is bound to find loads of success when it comes to precious metal purchases. Mustang Gold & Silver Exchange is one such company that has been operating for well over 20 years and, during that time, has amassed a lot of goodwill from its customers. Being a trusted name in the industry, the company excels in providing quality bullion and collections to its customers, gathering exceptional results.

Additionally, on top of buying and selling gold and silver, they have been known for creating timeless designs that are made in their in-house capabilities. Another reason why many people gravitate towards this store is because they have simplified their entire process of selling. Having developed a user-friendly platform, customers can carry out transactions with ease and convenience. When customer service is forefront, and the company is reputable, there is no reason not to go and give them a visit.

Phone Number: (214) 431-5097
Address: 5635 SMU Blvd Ste 209 Dallas, TX 75206
Website: https://mustangjeweler.com/

7. Gold Rush Dallas

Gold Rush Dallas has established itself as a leading player in the jewelry industry. This has taken them over 35 years, in which they have gathered a major amount of experience. This store has a strong family legacy that has been spanning for four decades. During this time, they have gone to possess extensive knowledge of the industry and precious metals as a whole. It is this expertise that has allowed them to offer customers the best value for their goods and products.

All of this has made the store a highly respected destination for selling gold and silver. The business aims to provide a safe and respectful environment for individuals looking to carry out precious metal transactions. Additionally, the business aims to provide a level of professionalism that has never been seen before. This is displayed by a dedicated staff of experts that are always happy to help you with whatever issue or requirement you may have.

Phone Number: (214) 702-5540
Address: 14999 Preston Rd (Suite D208), Dallas, TX 75254
Website: http://www.goldrushdallas.com/

8. Hebron Jewelry Exchange LLC

Gold, silver, gems, if you have any of these items and want to sell them for a good profit, I would recommend you take a look at Hebron Jewelry Exchange LLC. Offering a fast and convenient array of services, the people here will pay cash for all types of products mentioned above. You could have pristine quality gold or just scrap metal, and the store would offer you a good payout regardless.

Another reason why I recommend the store is because they are a family-owned and operated business. They have people employed and a total combined experience of half a century, which shows that you are in for quality service. If you are skeptical about the payout that they may give you, you can visit them for a free appraisal and then decide if you want to sell or not.

Phone Number: (214) 450-1267
Address: 13021 Coitrd suite 211, Dallas, TX 75240
Website: https://www.dallascash4gold.com/