Purchasing Gold And Silver In El Paso, Texas

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El Paso benefited greatly from the Texas Gold Rush. Many prospectors and travelers came to the city, which eventually led to its development.

Various mining encampments and mines opened up and led to the establishment of various landmarks, such as the Magoffin Home State Historic Site and Concordia Cemetery.

While the gold rush would dry out in a few years, the effects are present, with many precious metal dealers still up and running. You will find that they will not be taxing you anything as per Texas state law.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In El Paso, TX

The best dealers in the city are the ones who make sure the customer is fully satisfied with their visit and is content with their transaction.

The following dealers work tirelessly to ensure that any customer entering their shop gets the best experience possible.

1. El Paso Gold Buyers

Interested in obtaining the best gold on the border? Or do you want to sell all your precious metals and make a huge profit? Both of these can be done if you go ahead and visit El Paso Gold Buyers. This solid business has been at it for years, slowly perfecting its craft. They have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and many great reviews from its customers.

The store’s recognition even extends to the community as many people, including newspapers, have called this store the best gold buyer in the city. This is likely because the store gives its customers the payouts they deserve. You won’t be disappointed with their appraisal, so you might as well visit the shop as soon as possible.

Phone Number: (915) 566-4653
Address: 4716 Montana El Paso, TX 79903
Website: https://elpasogoldbuyers.com/

2. El Paso Coins & Collectibles

Trading gold and silver can be a very difficult and competitive market. If you want a relaxing and friendly store to visit for your precious metal transactions, you will want to go and visit El Paso Coins & Collectibles. The people here will help you with whatever your goal will be. Whether it be wanting to sell your collection of coins and bullion or further expand your portfolio, you will receive the best advice possible.

The store is locally owned and operated and has been this way since 1996. This has given people a lot of time and experience on their hands to know the ins and outs of the precious metal industry. Their stock consists of products and coins from around the world, so if you have something exquisite, you can easily get your hands on it from here. All of these are prominent reasons why I recommend the store.

Phone Number: (915) 594-1818
Address: 2200 N Lee Trevino, El Paso, TX 79936
Website: https://www.elpasocoinsandcollectible.com/

3. Sun City Gold & Silver

Sometimes, pawnshops are not willing to provide you with the funds that you think your product deserves. This is one of the many reasons why many people would rather go to a dedicated firm. At Sun City Gold & Silver, you will find no such issues. The people here will accurately check out your products to provide you with the best payout possible. As is in the name of the shop, it specializes in gold and silver.

This means that you can bring any kind of product, and as long as it is made from one of those metals, you are good for business. The shop is open six days a week except Sundays and closes down early on Saturdays. Take note of its timings before you decide to visit the shop. All that being said, the store has a lot to offer in terms of products, so you should definitely take the time out and check the store out.

Phone Number: (915) 219-9958
Address: 5523 Alameda Ave B, El Paso, TX 79905
Website: N/A

4. Paso Del Norte Gold & Silver

It can be difficult to keep track of when is the best time for you to buy and sell your precious metals. The people at Paso Del Norte Gold & Silver keep track of the spot prices of gold and silver and keep you in the loop. This is done to ensure that you are given the best payouts possible and you are able to buy their products at a reasonable price.

This practice is something this family-run business has been doing for a long time and has really had a good impact on its reputation. For over 25, they have been serving the community and specializing in all manner of precious metals. They deal in all manner of gold and silver, ranging from scrap metal to actual pieces of bullion. All this variety should enable you to get the product you want at the price you want it.

Phone Number: (915) 503-5033
Address: 521 South El Paso Street, El Paso, TX 79901
Website: http://pasodelnortegoldandsilver.com/home.html

5. Mesa Pawn and Jewelry

One thing to note is that not all pawn shops are bad, and many of them are great spots for buying and selling gold. Mesa Pawn Shop is one of those shops where you can find a wide variety of items, all at reduced prices. Any product that you do end up buying will no doubt be in excellent condition. When in the market to sell your belongings, you can opt here to obtain immediate cash or just get a pawn loan.

If you are unhappy with their stock at a particular time, I would encourage you to visit them after some time has passed, as they are regularly updating their wares. Once you do decide on a good product, you will be met with a quick and straightforward transaction process. All of this, along with a priority towards customer satisfaction, makes Mesa Pawn Shop a great shop to do business with.

Phone Number: (915) 301-0212
Address: 6238 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912
Website: https://mesapawnshop.com/

6. Plata Brothers Coins LLC

Great prices and a variety of different products, what more could you want when visiting a precious metal dealer? You can get all of this and more once you go ahead and visit Plata Brothers Coins LLC. The store is well renowned for its amazing selection of coins. As you can figure out from the name of the business, it specializes in all manner of coins.

That being said, their services also extend to bullion and jewelry. You can find a variety of gold and silver bullion in their stock, all available in perfect condition. You can trust that the business will give you quality service as they have yet to disappoint a single customer. You can see this from their perfect reviews on Google.

Phone Number: (915) 491-6484
Address: 2829 Montana Ave Suite 206, El Paso, TX 79930
Website: N/A