Purchasing Gold And Silver In Grand Prairie, Texas

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Grand Prairie is a lively city widely known for its diverse economy and cultural attractions, such as the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, Ruthe Jackson Center, and The Summit Active Adult Center.

Apart from a plethora of recreational opportunities, you can find a wide array of precious metal dealers here. This is because of its notable gold mining history.

There was no direct gold mining, but economic development did occur due to areas close to it which did have gold mining. This is why many people have built firms here that provide you with tax-free gold.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Grand Prairie, TX

The gold and precious metal industry is no stranger to a slew of scams and suspicious dealers that may steal all of your hard-earned money.

You will want to check out the dealers mentioned below so that you can avoid such scams and get the most out of your gold and cash.

1. Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange

Since its establishment in 1978, the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has been a prominent destination for all precious metal-related transactions in the North part of Texas. For individuals seeking to buy and sell precious metals, you have no better place to go and visit than this, especially if you are in Grand Prairie. From a wide array of luxury diamonds to jewelry items from renowned brands, all products that you see in the store are attached to competitive prices.

This is done to ensure customers receive exceptional value when buying. The people here also pride themselves on providing customized jewelry options making this a popular option to go and order some custom jewelry. This is joined with the commitment to offer high-quality jewelry with substantial savings. If you are here to purely buy, their inventory is regularly updated, so checking their wares out often is recommended.

Phone Number: (817) 601-1302
Address: 2620 W. I-20, STE 103, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Website: https://dgse.com/location-grand-prairie/

2. TX Coins

While there is not a lot of information online about the store, you can see from the many positive reviews that the store has, which show just how reliable TX Coins is. As you can assume from the name of the store, it specializes in all sorts of coins, making it a great place to visit if you deal primarily in coins. Their array of services allows you to visit them either to buy new coins for your collection or to get it appraised and potentially sold.

The store is not just limited to coins as they also deal in precious metals of all kinds. Additional items that they purchase are various collectibles such as cards and comics. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the shop and have gone on to praise the great deals they have been offered. All of this should give you, as a client, the ability to purchase with confidence.

Phone Number: (469) 835-3929
Address: 1616 N State Highway 161, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Website: https://txcoins.net/

3. Have A Gold Day

One of the best things about the industry is the fact that any form of precious metal can provide you with staggering value. Knowing this fact should make it very easy for you to go and visit Have A Gold Day, a store that exclusively sells custom jewelry and removable decorative tooth covers or grillz.

You can buy from their stock or order your own set of grillz. When it comes to this service, you can have them coated in any sort of precious metal they provide. One thing to note is that it does not seem that they deal in other forms of gold, such as coins or bars, so make sure that you contact the store prior to your visit if you want to buy or sell gold in this form.

Phone Number: (844) 904-4653
Address: 1106 N Hwy 360 Suite 115, Grand Prairie, TX 75050,
Website: https://haveagoldday.com/

4. Golden Dallas Jewelry

Unlike most jewelry stores, you can be sure to not only just get some quality products for investment but also go and sell your own pieces of gold. All of this is possible at Golden Dallas Jewelry, a store that offers a variety of financing options with no credit check at all. The store is completely accessible to customers, regardless of their experience in the industry.

There are various positive experiences shared by customers who visit the store. All of them highlight the personalized and caring service they were provided and how they were treated like family. No doubt that you will appreciate the helpfulness here as well as the lack of pressure during your visits. They offer a huge array of quality jewelry as well as many other services which involve cleaning and repairing.

Phone Number: (214) 412-3695
Address: 215 S Center St, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Website: https://goldendallas.jewelershowcase.com/