Purchasing Gold And Silver In Laredo, Texas

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Laredo is slowly developing as a hub for precious metals and gold-related purchases. The discovery of gold in Laredo contributed to its growth and prosperity. It attracted settlers and entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the booming economy.

The influx of people and wealth helped establish Laredo as an important trading center in the southwestern United States. This also led to landmarks such as The Los Ojuelos Bridge, San August in Plaza, and San Bernardo Avenue.

Precious metal dealers are also fairly prominent here, which is to be expected since they operate in Texas, so they do not have to pay any sort of tax per transaction.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In Laredo, TX

Quality services and quality bullion are the main attractions of most precious metal dealers. The following dealers have all of this and more, so I recommend checking them out as soon as possible.

1. Gold Coin Inc.

Starting off this list is an unknown company called Gold Coin Inc. While many people will find it difficult to check the store out online, this only encourages you to check out their wares in person as they have a lot of quality products for you to buy. As you can expect from their name, the store specializes mostly in coins. You can start your collection by visiting them or improving the one you already have.

If you are in the mood to sell, the people here have you covered. Simply take the time to get your collection to their office, and they will appraise it for you in no time. The experienced professionals working here will ensure that your appraisal reflects the true quality of your collection and that you are given the money you deserve.

Phone Number: (956) 723-7911
Address: 502 Convent Ave, Laredo, TX 78040
Website: https://goldcoinInc.com/

2. El Bufalo Pawn

It can be very hard to navigate the streets of Laredo and not see El Bufalo Pawn shop. This brand has had a long-standing reputation which started back in 1996. Slowly they expanded their branches to have 11 stores scattered across the city. They are a family-owned pawn shop offering loans and sales. You can also get money services such as check cashing and money orders.

The people here are committed to compliance with federal and state regulations. The store also aims to provide neighborhood businesses. In this regard, they prioritize exceptional customer service and professionalism while never compromising their integrity. Being a pawn shop, they offer a great array of products. They are also always buying and selling products, so it is the perfect place to visit if you are in the market for any sort of precious metal or want to make some extra cash.

Phone Number: (956) 728-7296
Address: 2102 South Meadow Avenue, Laredo, TX 78046
Website: https://www.elbufalopawn.com/

3. Marcel Jewelry

While the store is closed Sundays and Mondays, you just have to make time out to visit Marcel Jewelry. The store is full of some of the city’s best gold-related products and jewelry. Many customers will also attest to this fact. The store has a near-perfect score for external sites and Google, so you can be sure to trust them with all of your cash.

Whether you are searching for a special gift or treating yourself to something extraordinary, this is the store to visit. The employees here are dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece for your needs. Being a jewelry store, you would not expect them to buy any jewelry, but Marcel Jewelry is also a great place to visit if you want to sell some old jewelry. Check them out when you get the time and discover why they are highly recognized.

Phone Number: (956) 744-6176
Address: 1104 North Meadow Avenue, Suite A, Laredo, TX 78040
Website: https://marcel-jewelry.business.site/

4. Zales

Are you tired of waiting agonizing weeks for your precious metals to be delivered to your house? This is something you will never have to deal with if you go ahead and visit Zales. This renowned jewelry brand was established back in 1924. It has grown to become a trusted destination for gold as well as diamonds. With over 90 years of experience, they are known for offering exceptional quality jewelry at competitive prices.

They have also gone ahead and expanded severely, boasting 437 jewelry stores nationwide. This means that even if you are not in the city, you can check out their store near your home! The people here are always ready to cater to customers with their wide range of fine jewelry options. Their comprehensive range of services also includes custom jewelry design, cleaning, and inspection.

Phone Number: (956) 724-8383
Address: 5300, N I 35, Suite 185, Laredo, TX 78041
Website: https://stores.zales.com/tx/laredo/2066/