Purchasing Gold And Silver In San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio has played a significant role in the gold industry. The city is very much associated with gold discoveries and many mining activities. These have had a good chunk of influence on its development and economy regarding precious metals.

Landmarks like the Tower of the Americas, San Fernando Cathedral and Spanish Governor’s Palace are huge tourist attractions and a myriad of precious metal dealers between them. This city is perfect for making precious metal investments because there is no tax on any sort of transaction.

Best Places To Buy Or Sell Precious Metals In San Antonio, TX

The reputation of a dealer is often based on their honesty and integrity. You will find that the dealers mentioned below are some of the city’s most honest and reputable dealers.

1. Golden Cash Exchange

Being a company operating for over 14 years, you can be sure you will get a quality experience at Golden Cash Exchange. Over the years, they have demonstrated a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. The company has shown commitment to professional growth and customer satisfaction. They have also been exceptional at fostering strong relationships with a growing customer base which is why many customers often return to them rather than going to their competitors.

The brand has many locations throughout the state, enabling them to cater to a wide customer base. The company employs highly trained and knowledgeable experts, all of whom consistently deliver excellent service to their customers. The store makes sure to prioritize each customer’s needs and inquiries. They use advanced technology to ensure the quality of your gold and provide you with the best payouts possible.

Phone Number: (210) 778-0207
Address: 1739 SW Loop 410 STE502 San Antonio, TX 78227
Website: https://www.goldencashexchange.com/

2. Naco Gold & Silver Exchange

Naco Gold & Silver Exchange have been serving the city of San Antonio since 2008. This family-owned and operated business takes pride in providing quality customer service to anyone who enters their shop. Many people visit these stores expecting high payouts but are ultimately disappointed. This won’t be the case when you enter this establishment.

When you enter here with the thoughts of selling, you can expect to receive the highest prices possible along with the price given to you being fair and honest. If you come here to buy some bullion, you are also in luck as the company also has a wide selection of unique and precious items for you to buy. These services are usually why many people enter the shop, but the store also has many additional services you can use. These include repairing fine jewelry restoration and even remaking them entirely.

Phone Number: (210) 655-8428
Address: 13323 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217
Website: https://nacogoldandsilver.com/

3. Professional Gold and Silver Exchange

Are you tired of going around different dealers and not getting the price you think you deserve? If this is the case, I recommend you go ahead and check out Professional Gold and Silver Exchange. These people are known for providing you with the money your product is valued at and paying you in cash and on the spot. Some stores deal in specific kinds of gold products, but this is not the case here either.

You can take your gold, whether pristine or broken and expect a good chunk of cash in return. The store also deals in a variety of silver-related products as well so if you have either of the two, you can expect a good time. The customer service here is top-notch. Professional Gold and Silver Exchange is the place to go if you are looking for a quick and easy way to sell off your precious metals.

Phone Number: (210) 300-3447
Address: 1152 Bandera Rd #3, San Antonio, TX 78228
Website: https://professionalgoldandsilver.webs.com/

4. LoneStar Coins

Sometimes you just need a dedicated coin store to provide you with the coin you need for your collection. Now many people will have the specific coin you are looking for, so I recommend you visit LoneStar Coins. This store is perfect for anyone looking to further increase their collection of coins or sell it off for a good amount of cash.

As the name of the store suggests, they are a premier seller of coins, and they do so for both gold and silver. If you are unsure whether they have the coin you seek, this store offers you a convenient way to check their wares out through their eBay website. From there, you can directly order the coin to your house. If the coin you want is not present on their web store, you might be able to find it in their showroom.

Phone Number: (210) 735-7131
Address: 2622 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78213
Website: https://lonestarcoins.com/

5. Royalty Coins, Inc.

As the shop’s name suggests, Royalty Coins, Inc. is a store that is all about coins. The store has been selling quality numismatic grade coins since 1977, so you can be sure they have a lot of experience. The store is known for offering competitive prices to its customers and doing so as quickly and efficiently as possible. Serving both tourists and individual investors, they have served their community well over the last few years and are sure to provide you with the same quality.

The best thing about this store is that they operate within a network of dealers. As such, you can provide them with a want list, and then they will use their connections to find you that specific piece of bullion. Alternatively, instead of visiting them, you can also check out their eBay store and see their wares from the comfort of your home.

Phone Number: (210) 225-7431
Address: 425 East Commerce Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
Website: http://www.royaltycoins.com/index.html

6. Matthew’s Coins and Collectibles

Matthew’s Coins and Collectibles offer a comfortable experience of buying and selling precious metals by treating its clients with respect and the integrity they deserve. The business operates on an appointment-only model, so you must book an appointment to get their service. The store’s owner is very understanding and will try his best to serve you wherever possible.

This means you can call him for an appointment at the location of your choice or just visit his office. The owner is also available daily, so if the weekdays do not suit you, you can book a meeting on a Sunday. Always on time and very knowledgeable, the owner will perfectly and clearly explain the value of your product to you and display his expertise. He is very pleasant to work with and fair in his dealings, so I recommend him fully.

Phone Number: (210) 392-1378
Address: 5505 TPC Parkway Apt 2209, San Antonio, TX 78261
Website: http://matthewscoinsandcollectibles.com/

7. Alamo Gold Diamond Rolex Buyers

Alamo Gold Diamond Rolex Buyers, also known as the Alamo Refinery, is a trusted destination that anyone can go to for selling precious metals. As the company’s name suggests, they also deal in diamonds and Rolex watches. Overall, they specialize in providing top-dollar payouts for the items mentioned above. Their expertise extends to all types of gold-related bullion and even Rolex watches.

It does not matter if you have new, used, or just vintage products, they will buy them in any condition, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free transaction. They offer the highest price for your valuables and pride themselves on direct transactions with the customer. Additionally, the store will offer you free estimates and evaluations. This is done to help you to understand the value of your items before you go ahead and make a decision.

Phone Number: (210) 262-8769
Address: 5609 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212
Website: https://alamo-gold-diamond-rolex-buyers.business.site/

8. Blue Diamond

If you are only available on Mondays and Sundays, this store may not be a good fit for you, but if you are available any other day of the week, it may be in your interest to check out Blue Diamond. This store offers various services, such as buying and selling bullion. Being a trading store, they are also in the business of auctions and setting up consignments.

One of the best parts about the store is that they always make a special offer. To stay up to date on them, you will have to subscribe to their email, which is, of course, free. You can get a free estimate and appraisal from them as well, cementing them a store you need to check out.

Phone Number: 210 592 8786
Address: 2602 N Loop 1604 W #102, (at Bitters/Rogers Ranch), San Antonio, Texas 78248
Website: https://www.bluediamondtexas.com/